About Us

Indian Carpets Emporium was established in 2014 with the aim of satisfying our valued customers with the quality products beyond comparison.

We have carpets made by mixing the finest quality Jodi Carpets, Zakat Carpets, Tufted Carpets Handloom Carpets in 60 knots/80 knots/ 100 knots / 150 knots per square inch. We also have the carpets in different knots mentioned above with the touch of silk / hemp/ nettle/ cotton/ viscose etc.

440×60; 60×90; 60×120; 70×140; 120×180; 140×200; 170×240; 200×200; 200×250; 200×300; 250X250, 250×300; 250×350; 300X350, 300×400 cm. We have round, oval, runner of any size too and we do accept any customize size offer by client.

Pile Height:
The pile height of 100 knot is normally 3mm to 6mm. The pile height of 60/80 knots is normally 6mm to 10mm.